Body Composition Scans

Providing Body Composition Scans to help you meet your health goals.

What are Body Composition Scans?

Body Composition Scans show details about your bone density, muscle mass, and body fat.

Your weight is made up of many different elements and fluctuates for various reasons. That’s why assessing your weight by tracking your body composition is a much better way to determine how you’re meeting your goals.

Aylo Health is pleased to offer the Horizon™ DXA System Advanced Body Composition™ Assessment.
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Why chose Aylo for you Body Composition Scans?

Accuracy & Efficiency

Body Mass Index (BMI) does not distinguish between lean and fat body mass. Our assessment quantifies body fat and its distribution while excluding muscle and bone mass that can interfere with a proper diagnosis.

Advanced Image Quality

The low-dose, high-energy X-ray produces superb imaging quality for all patients, regardless of their shape or size, in as little as 3 minutes.

Information is Key

Information gathered can help healthcare providers assess your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Easily Targets Problem Areas

Full-color scans enable you to see specific problem areas to target as part of your fitness program.

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Body Composition Scans can be done at our Aylo Health – Imaging at Stockbridge location.

Nurses are very professional. They work fast, are very attentive, and caring. I would recommend to everyone. I’m very pleased with my visit.

- Andrea G. | Aylo Patient

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