Primary Care

Preventive and comprehensive care for you and your family. We offer same day appointments, labs, x-rays, stress tests, and imaging all in-house.

What is a Primary Care provider?

A primary care physician is a provider that you see for routine wellness check-ups, as well as common and serious illnesses.

Your Aylo Primary Care provider will take the time to understand your unique medical needs and will help determine what services are right for you. They will get to know your family history, and health risks specific to you, to tailor an individualized healthcare plan —ensuring you receive the exceptional care that promotes your highest quality of life in your journey to good health.

With our Primary Care team made up of doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified medical assistants – our goal is to keep you healthy through routine prevention and maintenance appointments. They will make sure you get the preventive tests needed and scheduled accordingly, allowing them to catch problems before they become more serious.
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Your health is too important to take chances on.

We understand that having a personal relationship with your primary care team is important. That’s why our highly skilled, Primary Care providers take the time to understand you and your needs and address any concerns you may have.

At Aylo Health, we are committed to providing care at your convenience for you and your entire family. Whether performing an annual physical exam or treating a serious medical problem, we are dedicated to delivering patient-centered care in a timely and convenient way.

Your life, uninterrupted

Primary Care should be available when and where you need it.

Same-day appointments, extended hours, and weekend appointments.
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Why choose Aylo for your Primary Care needs?

Convenient Locations

Aylo Health has multiple Primary Care locations for added convenience when you need it, with extended hours and same-day appointments.

Family-Oriented & Innovative

Our family physicians, combined with innovative facilities and advanced medical procedures, offer unmatched preventative and diagnostic care and treatment.

Affordable & Convenient

Our medical services are comprehensive, affordable, and available at times that fit into your schedule.

Full-Service for All

As a full-service Primary Care practice, Aylo Health is committed to providing convenient, quality healthcare for our patients and their families – ages four and up.

Aylo Health saved my life. I trust them with all of my health needs and all of my family’s health needs.

- Adrian Y. | Aylo Patient

Why a primary care physician is important

Having a primary care physician means that you have someone you can turn to for professional health care advice and someone who cares for the whole you. Whether it be through preventive care and screenings, treating an illness or injury, or recommending a specialist when you need one – our primary care providers will help you navigate your health and ensure you receive the care you deserve.

Aylo Health is committed to partnering with you to get and keep your family healthy – not just now, but throughout your whole lives.

Primary Care for the whole you

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in Primary Care?

Preventive care services and the treatment of common and chronic illnesses are available at any of our 9 primary care locations. These services include:

• Treatment of illnesses and injuries
• Management of acute and chronic illnesses (such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.)
• Physical exams and annual wellness visits
• Vaccinations and immunizations, including flu and pneumonia
• Geriatric medicine
• Women’s health services
• Well Woman Exams
• Obstetric services
• Wellness and health education
• Convenient in-house lab testing (such as DEXA bone density scans, EKGs, mammography, pregnancy tests, tuberculosis tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, and more.)
• Prescriptions and monitoring of medications

Are there different types of Primary Care providers?

Yes, there are three different types of primary care physicians:

• Family Medicine – providing comprehensive care for all ages.
• Internal Medicine – providing medical treatment for patients ages 18 and up.
• Geriatric Medicine – providing medical care to older patients, typically 65 years and older.

How does having a primary care physician benefit me over using an urgent care provider?

By having a primary care physician, there is a professional long-term relationship established where your provider can track your health over time while focusing on your wellness. Not only is having a primary care provider associated with improved health outcomes, but it also lowers mortality rates, reduces emergency ER visits, decreases hospital admissions, and increases patient satisfaction and overall health.

It’s important to have a regular primary care physician with whom you feel comfortable sharing important and vital information, which allows the provider to make the best decisions about your health care.

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