Mammograms are a key component of your woman's healthcare plan.

What is a Mammogram?

Mammograms are a low-dose x-ray used to detect breast cancer early, sometimes even 3 years before a patient starts showing symptoms.

Mammograms are a simple, life-saving diagnostic. It is proven that early detection is the best protection, which is why at Aylo Health, we follow the American Cancer Society’s recommendation that all women over 40 years of age have a mammogram performed annually.

With screening mammograms now covered by most insurance providers at no cost to you, and our convenient weekday hours and Saturday appointments, we help make it easy to arm yourself with the protection you need.
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Early detection is key for prevention

Annual Mammograms save lives

State-of-the-art Imaging Facilities

Our Aylo Health Imaging facilities house two of the state’s Genius 3D Mammography machines. This technology is proven to detect more invasive breast cancers and decrease inaccurate reports and false alarms of normal results. This means that it often reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies for patients and provides clearer results for radiologists to analyze.

Why get a Mammogram at Aylo?

State-of-the-art Imaging

Each mammogram is completed in the comfort of our state-of-the-art Imaging Centers, so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive the best care and fast results.

Insurance Coverage

Mammograms are now covered by most insurance providers at no cost to you. Please be sure to check with your insurance provider regarding the details of your coverage.

The Importance of Mammograms

They did a great job with my mammogram. They explained the importance of a 3D mammogram and that with my past issues with my “iffy” spots, they would always get it on a 3D mammogram! Very friendly and professional.

- Connie B. | Aylo Patient

How to perform a self-exam at home

Performing a self-exam on a monthly basis is important when looking for changes around and within your breast and helps raise concern for your mammogram appointment.

  • Step 1: Check to make sure your breasts are their usual size, shape, and color. Also, make sure they are evenly shaped without noticeable deformation or swelling. If you see any of the following changes, contact your healthcare provider immediately – dimpling or bulging of the skin, nipple abnormalities such as inverted nipples, redness, soreness, or rash.
  • Step 2: Raise your arms and look for those same changes.
  • Step 3: While in the mirror, look for any signs of discharge coming out of one or both of your nipples.
  • Step 4: Feel your breasts while laying down, and use your hands to massage firmly, feeling for any lumps.
  • Step 5: Feel your breasts again, this time standing up or sitting down. Tip: many women find it easier to feel changes in their breasts when their skin is wet, so it may be best to do this step while in the shower.

Prioritize your health with a mammogram

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my Mammogram?

Women should consider scheduling mammography for a date one week after their period begins. A bare torso is required for the test, so wearing comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing is recommended. Avoid applying perfume, deodorant, or lotion before your test.

Do you require prior mammogram images?

For any patient who has not received imaging in our mammography department, we must obtain prior mammogram films. Proper readings cannot be completed without them.

Does Aylo Health perform Diagnostic Mammograms?

Yes, at Aylo Health, we perform both diagnostic and screening mammograms to better serve our patients. Screening mammograms can be performed at all of our imaging facilities, and diagnostic mammograms are only performed at our Stockbridge Imaging facility at this time.

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