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Providing routine Physical Exams to help support your overall health so you can live your best life.

What are Physical Exams?

Physical Exams are routine exams performed annually by your Primary Care provider to check your overall health.

Physical Exams are essential to any routine doctor’s visit and are customized to you and your health profile. It allows your Primary Care provider to help identify any health concerns or risk factors, as well as detect any signs of disease so you get the best preventive care plan.

At Aylo Health, we believe a Physical Exam is key in building a trusting patient-provider relationship so any health issues can be addressed and you can feel comfortable with your health care plan. No matter what, our physicians always focus on hearing your concerns or questions and include you in the process.

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Making quality healthcare simple and convenient

Between long lunch meetings, chauffeuring kids to soccer practice, and tests at school, scheduling can become a hassle. That’s why Aylo Health believes in providing Primary Care at the convenience of urgent care, especially when it comes to annual physicals. We offer nine primary care clinic locations with extended hours and same-day appointments to accommodate routine and emergency medical needs.

Convenient Routine Care

Physical Exams are an important component in your health care

Why choose Aylo for your Physical Exams?

Convenient Locations

We have nine primary care locations throughout South Metro Atlanta, so you can choose the one closest to you. And if you visit a new location in the future, we’ll have all of your information available to maintain your healthcare profile.

Covered by Insurance

The Affordable Care Act requires most commercial insurance plans to provide coverage for preventive care without co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles including annual physical exams, recommended immunizations, and age/risk appropriate screenings such as lab tests, mammograms and colonoscopies.

Quick and Easy

We’ve done thousands of physicals and we can get you in and out quickly. From scheduling to getting your results, we work hard to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Family-Oriented & Innovative

Our family physicians, combined with innovative facilities and advanced medical procedures, offer unmatched preventative and diagnostic care and treatment.

Great service, my visit was quick and simple. The process on entering the facility as far as safety was one of the best processes I’ve ever witnessed. The doctor and her staff were extremely professional and went through my physical in a timely manner.

- Tommy L. | Aylo Patient

What to expect during Physical Exams visits

During a physical exam, your visit may be thorough or brief — depending on your circumstances and family medical history. It will include a series of tests to check for vital signs like temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure check and assess for any illness or injury.

Your provider may also recommend updated vaccinations and perform an eye examination if they deem it necessary. After your exam, you and your provider will have a baseline of your ongoing health, and be able to better care for your specific medical needs by tracking your health journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preventive Care?

Regular preventive care, such as a yearly physical, wellness checkup, or well-woman exam, can help you stay healthy and catch any potential health issues early on. Our goal is to help you understand the benefits of your preventive visit and any out-of-pocket costs you might have, so you can take advantage of the care you need to stay healthy.

Are Preventive Care visits covered?

We want to make sure you’re informed about potential out-of-pocket charges that may occur during your preventive office visit. While most preventive visits are covered at no cost to you, you may be charged for certain things, such as:

  • Discussing new symptoms or health concerns that are discovered during your visit
  • Receiving treatment or testing for an existing health condition
  • Undergoing procedures such as spirometry, EKGs, or biopsies
  • Having labs or radiology tests that are not considered preventive

If you’re unsure about your lab or radiology benefit, we encourage you to refer to your Insurance carrier for benefits and coverage. Our team is here to help you understand these potential charges, so you can make informed decisions about your care.

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