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How to Set a Baseline for Your Health

At Aylo, we have your back! Our team of caring professionals are equipped with the tools and expertise to help you understand and measure what’s important, and then help you track your progress and make adjustments along the way.

Set up an appointment for a physical exam with your Aylo Health provider so you can see the big picture, and establish a well-informed and comprehensive plan.

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The Aylo Difference

Welcome to great healthcare. Our mission is to make quality healthcare simple and convenient because we believe healthy people can do amazing things.

We also believe that you deserve to have care truly personalized towards your needs and your goals.

Aylo Health Offerings:

Multiple Locations

Get the same great care at any of our convenient Aylo locations. We practice team based care. This means that no matter which Aylo Health location you go to, you’ll have the same great care. Our doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants all stay in contact with one another to provide a coordinated and comprehensive plan for you on your journey to better health.

In-House Services

On your journey to better health you’ll want your healthcare all under one roof. At Aylo Health we offer Labsx-raysimaging, and more at each of our locations. Everything you need, all at your fingertips.

Open on Weekends

Appointments that fit into your busy schedule. You should be able to get an appointment with a doctor when you need it, whenever you need it. Seeing your primary care doctor annually is the best way to keep yourself healthy, but finding the time to fit a doctors appointment in during a weekday can be hard. Don’t stress and just come to see Aylo Health on Saturday or Sunday.

Extended Hours

Because getting sick doesn’t happen on a 9-5 schedule. We all know that getting sick is never in our plans, but it still happens. Aylo Health stays open past 5pm on weekdays so you can be seen when you need it. Healthcare should be convenient for you, and we designed a system that fits into your life.

How do you set a baseline so you can track your health over time?

Getting better when you’re sick is really important, but it’s not enough. You also want to be healthier when you’re not sick.

Getting healthier over time is the journey we want to help you with. But we know how hard it is to find the starting point. We can help you by setting a baseline to track your health over time. This means taking your health seriously and seeing your primary care physician annually.

Aylo Health consistently tracks key metrics for our patients, which results in care that is truly personalized to each person.

Here are a few of the basic metrics that make up your overall health score:

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Resting Heart Rate
  4. Sleep Quality
  5.  Physical Activity
  6. Routine Screenings

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only things your physician will look at, there is so much more that goes into creating a baseline of where you are in your health journey. At Aylo Health we’ll also help you create a custom health plan – just for you.

Insurance Plans We Accept

Aylo Health participates in most insurance programs, including worker’s compensation. Below are some of the commercial insurances we accept. Visit our insurance page to view additional plans accept. Please note that benefits and coverage are specific to patient plans. We recommend contacting your insurance company to verify that our providers are in your network, ensuring that your office visits will be covered.

Redefining Healthcare

Aylo Health is here to redefine what quality care looks like. Schedule an appointment today to discover the Aylo Difference. It’s healthcare designed around your life.