How to Save on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs, Explained

We all know that healthcare can be expensive, and we often have no idea how much the services cost before we get the bill. Check out the video for some healthcare cost saving tips. Saving on healthcare costs starts with a comprehensive and preventive care plan that is designed to keep you healthy.

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The Aylo Difference

Welcome to great healthcare. Our mission is to make quality healthcare simple and convenient because we believe healthy people can do amazing things.

Part of that mission is to make you feel more confident in managing your care and your healthcare bill. We want you to know how the system works so you can make the best choices you can.

Tips on Healthcare Costs:

Go to Primary Care First

Unless it’s a true life-threatening emergency, your primary care provider is likely the best option for care. The same services can be hundreds of dollars (or more) less expensive, and higher quality, at a primary care when compared to a hospital or urgent care.

Get Preventive Care

On average, people who regularly see the doctor for preventive care spend less on healthcare than those who don’t. Why? Because health problems are far easier, and less expensive, to treat early.

Know Your Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance can be complicated, but understanding what you pay for can go a long way. Physicians make recommendations based on what they feel is the best course of action for you. However, your physician doesn’t control how much those services will cost. Pricing is based on what your insurance plan covers and is personalized to you. Most insurance companies try to break down the details of your coverage, but don’t be afraid to give your insurance provider a call and ask them to further explain co-pays, deductibles, and charges for specific services or prescriptions you commonly use.

Use a Discount Prescription Card

Different pharmacies charge vastly different prices for the same medication. Prescription pricing is based on what your plan covers, not what the doctor charges. So take the time to find out where to get your medicine, don’t just go to the any pharmacy.

How Aylo Health Compares to a Typical Urgent Care

Get a better patient experience with quality care, more in-house services, and the convenience of weekend and after-hour appointments.

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Aylo Health is designed to fit into your life, with multiple locations, evening hours, weekend appointments, same day appointments, and in-house services like labs and imaging.

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Aylo Health Wants You to Get the Most out of Your Health Insurance

Most people don’t know how much time and money you can save when you know how the system works and make wise choices about your care.

We want you to be able to make the smartest choices for your health and your wallet. Healthcare costs can be overwhelming but Aylo Health wants to make it easy to understand and you to be informed about how to navigate your health insurance.

We always encourage all of our patients to refer to their insurance carrier for benefits and coverage. They may cover more than you think they do. Remember, if you have questions – ask your insurance provider. You deserve to know and understand your insurance plan, and how it affects you and your care.

And when you come to a visit at Aylo Health, we’ll start with creating a comprehensive and preventive care plan that is designed to keep you healthy.


Insurance Plans We Accept

Aylo Health participates in most insurance programs, including worker’s compensation. Below are some of the commercial insurances we accept. Visit our insurance page to view additional plans accept. Please note that benefits and coverage are specific to patient plans. We recommend contacting your insurance company to verify that our providers are in your network, ensuring that your office visits will be covered.

Redefining Healthcare

Aylo Health is here to redefine what quality care looks like. Schedule an appointment today to discover the Aylo Difference. It’s healthcare designed around your life.