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Eagles Landing Health is now Aylo Health.

Over the last few years, we have made numerous improvements including upgrading our facilities, adding new specialties such as endocrinology and pediatrics, and providing all of our services under the umbrella of Eagles Landing Health. All of this was done to better embody our goal of providing the best quality care possible to our community. These transformations have always come with much thought and consideration to better serve you, our patient.

On August 29th, we changed our name from Eagles Landing Health to Aylo Health. In addition to the name change, you’ll notice that we look and sound a bit different as well. We launched a new logo, changed our colors, and introduced improvements to the way we meet your healthcare needs. All of these changes were based on feedback and ideas from you and the thousands of other patients we’ve been fortunate to serve over the past 30 years. 

While we may look different and go by a different name, you can expect the same great healthcare, from the same people, at the same locations that you’ve come to expect. We have not been bought out, nor have we had any changes in leadership.  We did not change the services we provide, our office hours, or any of the other things that you loved about Eagles Landing Health. 

Learn more by reading our FAQ’s, below.

The Same Quality Care with A New Look


Rest easy knowing we aren’t changing your existing care, providers or your upcoming appointments. It’s the same great care just under a new name and logo, with new colors, and more opportunities.


What changed?

We changed our name from Eagles Landing Health to Aylo Health and introduced a new logo, colors, and website. You may also notice subtle changes that make getting the care you need when you need it even easier.

Why did you change your name?

While our roots are in the Eagles Landing community, we serve patients in other local towns and cities. We believed it was time to adopt a name that isn’t tied to a specific location.

What does Aylo mean?

The word Aylo has no official definition, so we’re giving it one. Our goal is to redefine healthcare and change what you expect from a primary care provider. Aylo is defined by great care, delivered when and where you need it, by a world-class team of providers.

Can I see the same provider?

Our providers and staff did not change, so you still have access to the same team that you’ve come to know and trust. 

Do you still take my insurance?

We did not make any changes to our insurance policies. If your insurance was accepted by Eagles Landing Health, it is still accepted by Aylo Health.

Were you bought out?

No, in fact, we re-invested in our own business. We worked on this change for a few years and have a stable leadership team that is committed to our mission.

When did these changes take place?

These changes began on August 29 of this year. But some of our signs and other materials will take longer to change, so we ask for your patience as we roll out this transition.

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