Introducing Our New Brand Identity – Aylo Health

August 28 • 2022


After several years of planning and preparation, we are excited to launch our new brand identity. So, without further ado, we introduce to you…Aylo Health. 

Our New Look

As of August 29th, you’ll start to see our new brand identity — including a new logo, name, and colors represented across our website, social media, and more. Our updated branding [the way a product/service, company, or individual is perceived by those who experience it] is the first visible sign of our new identity. These changes will better reflect who we are as a healthcare company and align ourselves to the value we provide to our patients and communities. And while you’ll notice a lot of visual changes begin online, you’ll continue to see more of these visual changes within our offices over time.  

Why the Change?

Our rebrand was inspired by our desire to represent all the communities we serve and reflect our high-quality, accessible care and wide range of services. While our roots are in the Eagles Landing community, we serve thousands of patients in other local towns and cities. So, we thought it was time to adopt a new name that isn’t tied to a specific location and redefine healthcare by giving it a fresh identity — Aylo Health. And while we may look different and go by a different name, let us assure you that our level of care and commitment to serving our patients remains unchanged. In fact, it’s only getting better! 

The Aylo Difference

Health is a journey unique to everyone, unlocking the potential within each individual. With changes to your health, you need a guide to help you navigate the ups and downs, the twists and turns. You need someone that cares about your overall well-being, someone who isn’t solely focused on making sick people feel better but on rooting out the problem and preventing illness through preventive care. That’s why you need Aylo Health: a healthcare network providing access to multiple services ranging from PrimaryEndocrine, and Pediatric Care to Sleep Medicine and Imaging — focused on each patient’s individual health journey to help you get and stay healthy.  

Our goal at Aylo is to redefine healthcare and change what people expect from a primary care provider. Since the word Aylo has no official definition, we decided to give it one. Aylo is defined as great care, available when and where you need it, by a world-class team of providers. With multiple locations, extended hours, and same-day appointments, we’re able to fulfill our goal to redefine healthcare. 

We’ve combined the convenience of an urgent care, the services of a medical network, and the care of a local family practice so you can have an excellent patient experience that doesn’t include the frustrations you might experience during a typical doctor’s visit. 

Our Mission

Our new brand identity is just one step in our journey to redefining healthcare. At Aylo Health our mission is to make quality healthcare simple and convenient. Because we believe healthy people can do amazing things.  

So, let’s do it, together.