Major South Atlanta Family Medicine Provider, Aylo Health

August 16 • 2022


Aylo Health is a name well known around south metro Atlanta for its very important mission: to improve people’s lives by providing quality healthcare when and where they need it. It’s a mission that the doctors and staff at Aylo Health have been living up to for more than thirty years in Georgia. What started as a single office and a single doctor, quickly grew to meet the pressing needs of a growing community.

This month Eagles Landing Health announced they will become Aylo Health. The rebrand signals a reaffirmation of the provider’s long-standing mission and the desire to reach more patients in need of high-quality, accessible healthcare. “The model of care we’ve developed is truly something exceptional,” said Eagles Landing Health / Aylo Chief Executive Officer, Nick Williams in a statement to staff.“We needed a name that was not tied just to our geographic location but to represent our overall mission. By redefining healthcare, we are defining what it means to be Aylo Health.”Beyond the traditional family medicine model, patients here have access to services like Diagnostic Imaging, Diabetic Care (Endocrinology), Pediatrics, and Sleep Medicine.

This unique and expansive network of services has allowed Eagles Landing Health to provide help for so many patients over the years, and it will allow Aylo to continue to do so for many more to come. When Eagles Landing Health officially transitions to Aylo Health later this month, the provider ensures there will be zero changes or disruptions for patients. The new Aylo brand aims to make patient experiences a top priority, committing to their patients that Aylo will be ‘changing the way healthcare was designed by providing quality care at your convenience.

“Aylo is an exciting new chapter in our history,” said Tim Reichert, Eagles Landing Health / Aylo Vice President of Marketing.“We’re on a mission to redefine great healthcare, and in the process give it a new name.”


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