4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Health Month


Happy May, ladies – one of the best months of the year where you get to celebrate yourself and the other women in your lives. But…why May? Is it because of Mother’s Day? Because if so, what if your friend, sister, co-worker, or aunt isn’t a mother? While we want and hope all the mamas out there are celebrated this weekend for Mother’s Day, we also hope that all women are celebrated this month, because May is Women’s Health Month!So, how can you celebrate yourself and the ladies in your life? Is it buying your friend a coffee, taking yourself to the spa, hiring a babysitter for a few hours so you can have a much-needed brunch with your besties, or lending a listening ear? Sure — all of the above! But don’t forget to empower the women in your life [and yourself] to get and stay healthy! That may look like encouraging healthy eating or exercise habits, going to therapy to get your mind right, or scheduling those yearly appointments that you always dread.We want to make sure you and your community of women take this month to celebrate each other, so we put together 4 tips on how you can do just that.

Tip #1: Routine screenings are a must

First things first, scheduling routine screenings are vital to being your healthiest and living a long, happy life. Not only does preventive care keep disease at bay, but it also allows the opportunity to detect problems early on so that we can provide effective treatment before things progress. From a Well Woman’s exam and pap smear to an annual mammogram and DEXA Bone Density scan – Aylo Health provides the women’s services you need! Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself, which is why we personalize each exam for you. So, make your health a priority and schedule an appointment today!

Tip #2: Take care of your body, inside and out

We’ve heard it all before, diet and exercise are key to staying healthy. Well, staying active is essential not only for maintaining a healthy weight but for your overall well-being. Moving your body regularly lowers your risk for many health conditions, like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. And now with things just a click away, a simple 30-minute workout can be found online for free – thank you technology! Start with a goal of 90 minutes a week until you can work up to 150 minutes a week. Just 30 minutes a day will put you in a good place to take back your health!But, have you heard about the 80/20 rule? 80 percent of getting healthy should be spent in the kitchen (AKA diet) and 20% should be spent exercising. Why? Because you can work out all you want, but if you’re not eating right and fueling your body with good nutrients, your body can’t function the way it was built to. The things we eat on a daily basis have a massive impact on our health. From processed sugar and high-sodium intake to alcohol consumption and highly saturated foods – it’s no wonder women feel overly exhausted with little energy to get through the day. But nutrition is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and believe it or not, there are healthy eating habits you can create so can have a well-balanced diet. Just remember to add a colorful variety of foods at every meal, with whole grains, fat-free and low-fat dairy products, and lean meats. Following just these few tips can make a big difference in your health! And if you need additional guidance, we are here to help!

Tip #3: Address the mom guilt

When it comes to raising your kiddos, do you ever feel like you aren’t doing a good job? Or does society make you feel like you don’t measure up? Welcome to mom guilt – the feeling of inadequacy or worrying that you should be doing more than you are, in order to be a good enough mother. Whether it’s through comparison, self-doubt, choosing between having a professional career, staying at home — or both, or choosing to breastfeed or formula feed – mom guilt is a real thing. A moment of guilt now and then is entirely normal, but it needs to be managed so the guilt doesn’t take over and so your mental health stays, well…healthy. Being a mom is one of the most rewarding and hardest jobs in the world, so give yourself a break, and some credit, because you are superwomen and you are MORE than enough for your family!

Tip #4: Stay on top of your mental health

We all know that keeping our body healthy is important, but did you know your mind is just as important? According to research, 1 in 5 women in the United States struggles from mental health issues every year – such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, and more. Sadly, a lack of awareness and available resources keep women from pursuing help for their mental health. So, what can you do? Try to take more time to unwind and do something you enjoy or connect with people you trust to talk about how you’re feeling – like a friend, therapist, or psychiatrist. Schedule an appointment with one of our providers so we can offer the appropriate care, education, and treatment necessary to help get your mind healthy.

We know that getting and staying healthy takes some work; through time, effort, and in some cases — money. You may even be thinking “it’s all too much for me”. Whether it’s working full-time and coming home to jump right into your second full-time job as a mother, putting in extra hours at work to hopefully get that promotion, or maybe just the pure exhaustion from everyday life — balancing it all can get overwhelming. That’s why we want to make sure your health doesn’t get placed on the backburner.So, let this be a reminder to love on yourself and the other ladies in your life, schedule your annual preventive screenings you keep putting off, and maybe treat yourself to a little Target run…or two [we won’t tell anyone].

What is a Well Woman’s Exam?
An exam that focuses on the unique medical needs of women – addressing your physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health to keep you healthy and happy.

What is a Mammogram?
A 3D mammogram produces a three-dimensional image of the breast using x-rays, showing multiple angles around the breast.

What is a DEXA Bone Density Scan?
A DEXA scan monitors the health and strength of your bones, assessing your risk for fracture.