Annual Holiday Toy Drive

November 5 • 2018

Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Giving back always feels good, right? Or maybe just giving in general.

This is the time where we all work hard to give to others and spread joy and happiness to those whom we love and care for. It’s no surprise that we feel kinder and even happier during the holiday season. Well, what if we told you that you could give back and in return, get something beneficial to your health?

That’s right! Aylo is once again holding our annual Holiday Toy Drive – a time where you can donate toys to bring bliss to disadvantaged kids. Last year, we received more than 400 toys as part of the drive, but we’re hoping to make 2018 our biggest year yet.  Starting November 19th until December 18th, all nine of our Aylo Health offices will be collecting toys from our patients, staff, and other members of our community. Every toy we collect will be donated to local, underprivileged families – in hopes to spread love, joy, and happiness during the holiday season.

Though, that’s not all. We believe in giving back, and we want to show our appreciation to those who have graciously donated. That’s why we’re combining the Toy Drive with preventative imaging– a simple, but potentially lifesaving test.

During the Holiday Toy Drive, anyone who donates a new, $20 value or more, unwrapped toy will receive a coupon for a FREE 3D Mammogram upgrade.

Statistics show that 3D mammograms detect 41 percent more early-stage and more invasive breast cancers than 2D mammography, as well as reducing false-positive results by 40 percent. Today, there are more than 3.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States, largely thanks to annual screenings and early detection. And good news, Aylo Health has designed a comprehensive women’s healthcare plan for the way you live– providing the protection you need at our Pink Ribbon Imaging Facility.

While most insurances now cover age-risk appropriate mammograms at no cost to you, unfortunately, 3D mammograms are not included—making patients come out of pocket for the extra expense. Well, with the Toy Drive coupon, that extra expense will be waived! The coupon is also transferrable to a friend or family member, so everyone is encouraged to donate, even if you do not need a mammogram.

Aylo physician Collyn A. Steele, M.D., says, “Our commitment to early detection stretches across many cancers and chronic diseases. It is proven that early detection is the best protection, which is why at Aylo Health we follow the American Cancer Society’s recommendations that all women over 40 years of age have a mammogram performed annually. This toy drive is a great way for us to help those in need this holiday season, while also promoting potentially lifesaving screenings.”

But, despite all the advances of modern-day medicine, we know that staying healthy is more than just getting rid of diseases. Our health is also strongly associated with our happiness and generosity, which is why our Toy Drive is right for you! Donations can be made to any of our Aylo locations across Henry, Butts, and Rockdale counties.

And, if you have any questions about whether 3D mammograms are right for you, our Providers are gladly here with answers. To schedule a mammography appointment at our Imaging Center, call 678-432-6161 or book an appointment online.

Here’s to a holiday season full of happiness, health, and the kindness of giving back.