Health Unlocks Potential: Better Primary Care Coming Soon to Kennesaw

March 20 • 2024

Aylo Health - Primary Care at Kennesaw Opens April 2024

At Aylo Health, we are redefining primary care one patient experience at a time. Our mission is to make quality healthcare simple and convenient. Because healthy people can do amazing things. 

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Changing the Patient Experience 

We know that the healthcare system can feel like it’s broken. Especially when the people who should be listening to you aren’t. They may just be helping you with the symptoms, but not rooting out the problem and preventing illness.   

That’s where we step in. You deserve more than just not being sick. You deserve a healthcare provider that cares as much about your health as you do and that’s why we’re so dedicated to building quality care around your life.  

We are excited to announce our next primary care office in the North Metro Atlanta area is opening this April in Kennesaw at Cobb Parkway and Mack Dobbs Road. 

The Aylo Health Difference

Our unique approach combines the convenience of urgent care, the services of a medical center, and the personal attention of a family doctor. At Aylo Health, we make it easy for you to get and stay healthy.

Same-Day Appointments
Personalized Health Journey Tracking
Unique to Aylo
Weekend Appointments
In-House Imaging
Comprehensive, Preventative Care
Unique to Aylo

Everyone Deserves Quality Primary Care 

Saying we’re redefining healthcare is great, but let’s talk about what we’re actively doing to be a better healthcare provider for the Kennesaw community.  

We make primary care accessible by offering same-day appointments, being open after 5pm on weekdays, having appointments available on the weekends, and being a better alternative to urgent care. We can see you when you’re sick and help you stay healthy longer with preventive screenings. Primary care should be designed around your life. It means having access to doctors when and where you need them. It’s also why we practice team-based care.  

Team-based care is where all our healthcare professionals work together to support your healthcare journey. We have integrated records so no matter which Aylo Health office you go to you’ll get the same great care.

We’ve mentioned a few times that we help you with your healthcare journey, but what does that mean? Our providers will sit down with you and discuss your health history and what your goals are for your own health, they’ll help you create a plan to get to your amazing. Amazing looks different to each person, but everyone deserves to feel their best and to feel listened to and supported with their health goals.  

We take your health seriously because we care. That’s also why we are so dedicated to providing comprehensive preventive care. Your annual physical exams are essential to your healthcare journey, it’s a key part in building a trusting patient-provider relationship so any health issues can be addressed, so you can check in on your healthcare journey, and so you get any screenings and tests done that align with your specific needs and goals. 

Another way we’re redefining healthcare is by offering in-house labs and imaging services. When you go to your annual physical or go to the doctors because you don’t feel well – you should have easy access to labs and imaging – not having to run around and go to different offices across town just to get these important tests done.  

Join us at our Open House on April 11th

We are proud to be a part of the Kennesaw community and want to invite you to our open house on Thursday, April 11th , 2024, from 4PM – 7PM. Stop by and meet our team, tour our state-of-the-art facility and enjoy some snacks., and enter for a chance to win a pair of Apple Air Pods Pros!

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Bringing a caring healthcare system to communities across Georgia

We are bringing over forty years of healthcare experience to the Kennesaw community. We know the healthcare system is broken, and we’re dedicated to providing accessible, quality care to all the areas we serve including Cobb and Cherokee counties. Our Kennesaw office is opening on April 15th, but if you need care now, you can visit our office in Canton on Sixes Rd.  

At Aylo Health, we make care easy and convenient because you can visit any of our locations and see any provider but still get the same excellent care. We are excited to open three more locations this year to make quality care available to you. Check out our offices opening in Woodstock and Ball Ground, here.

Aylo Health is bringing out unique and caring healthcare system to communities across Georgia. We’ll be there to support you through your health journey and that’s why we are excited to bring our board-certified and knowledgeable physicians, nurse practitioners, and clinical staff to Cobb and Cherokee communities. When we invest in our community’s health, we all go far. That’s how Aylo Health is redefining healthcare and bringing better primary care to your community.  

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Our open house will be at Aylo Health – Primary Care at Kennesaw office at Cobb Parkway and Mack Dobbs.  

Address: 2985 Mack Dobbs Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30152

We’re looking forward to meeting you and becoming a part of the Kennesaw community.