8 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day During a Pandemic

8 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day During a Pandemic
  • #1: Breakfast and Sports in Bed
  • #2: Do a Virtual Exercise Class
  • #3: Spend Quality Time Outdoors
  • #4: Organize a Virtual Hangout
  • #5: Play an Indoor Game
  • #6: Make His Favorite Dinner and Dessert
  • #7: Host a Movie Night
  • #8: Give Him the Gift of Health


Since many people are continuing their social distancing practices through quarantine, and several local businesses are still not up-and-running yet due to the coronavirus outbreak – Father’s Day may look a little different this year. Maybe you typically celebrate with tickets to a baseball game, a family outing to restaurants and theme parks, or a big get together with extended family. This year, you can spend Father’s Day in the comfort of your own home, celebrating your #1 guy (virtually or in-person).

  1. Breakfast and Sports in Bed
    Start his day off extra special with a yummy feast in bed! Maybe scramble some eggs, cook a little bacon, and add a delicious bagel. To top it off, pick his favorite sport and tune-in! If he’s a baseball fan, you can stream a live game online from South Korea first thing in the morning. Other options can be found on ESPN or YouTube.
  2. Do a Virtual Exercise Class
    Has dad been missing the gym lately? Fortunately, there are several virtual programs you can subscribe to, like Peloton or Beachbody on Demand that hosts hundreds of workouts. You can even throw in a new workout outfit and a few resistance bands and let him get his sweat on at home.
  3. Spend Quality Time Outdoors
    Since the first day of summer falls on Father’s Day, what better way to celebrate than some quality time outside? You can go for a bike ride with your family, go fishing at your nearest lake or pond, or just take a walk around the neighborhood. You can soak up some vitamin D and still practice social distancing!
  4. Organize a Virtual Hangout
    In times like these, it’s important to stay connected with our loved ones. And during this pandemic, many of our friends and family have been missed since we haven’t had much in-person contact (in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy). Surprise dad with a special Zoom or a FaceTime call with some of his buddies or family members he hasn’t seen in a while.
  5. Play an Indoor Game
    We all know we’ve been getting plenty of screen time during this quarantine. So, take a break from the tablets and TVs, and create some friendly competition for the family. Dust off those board games, play charades or sing karaoke, or create a fun indoor scavenger hunt. Just let dad pick the game and give him the gift of family bonding time.
  6. Make His Favorite Dinner and Dessert
    Fire up that grill and cook his favorite meal! Whether that be a barbeque, steak, or just hot dogs and hamburgers – pair it with some side dishes and enjoy! You can even make his night extra sweet by baking his favorite dessert. Who needs to count calories on a holiday, especially when that holiday is celebrating your favorite guy?
  7. Host a Family Movie Night
    Let him pick out a movie and end Father’s Day curled up on the couch in your PJs. Or, go the extra mile and set up a projector and screen outside in your backyard. Either way, just don’t forget the popcorn!
  8. Give Him the Gift of Health
    Since June is Men’s Health Month, what better way to honor your dad than by making his health a top priority? Preventative healthcare is important now more than ever, so schedule him an annual physical or check-up at any of our 9 locations today! If he’s not yet comfortable coming in-office, he may be eligible for a Telehealth visit (offered for a limited time during the COVID-19 pandemic).


Whoever that special guy is in your life – your dad, grandpa, uncle, father-in-law, husband, and so on – they deserve to be celebrated, whether that’s in-person or virtually. And though many continue to practice social distancing by staying quarantined, you can still create a wonderful Father’s Day for that #1 guy in your life.

Let him spend the day doing whatever he feels comfortable with and show him some extra love. It may be just what he needs.