24-Hour Cardiac Event Monitoring

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Why is 24-Hour Cardiac Event Monitoring necessary?

Your doctor may order cardiac monitoring to look for any abnormalities that could affect normal heart function.

This test is a continuous way to electronically measure heart rate and rhythm. The monitor is attached to your chest by small, sticky electrodes that record heart activity. Each beat of the heart is indicated by either a flashing light or an audible sound. The indicator is often integrated with an alarm system that is triggered by a pulse rate above or below predetermined limits.

Because the monitor is small and portable, it can be worn during normal daily activities, which can help your doctor correlate your heart activity with symptoms such as dizziness or palpitations.
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Why have your 24-hour cardiac event monitoring at Aylo?


Since the monitor is small and portable, it can be worn during daily activities. Your everyday normal is not intercepted by tubes or a large contraption.

Effective Results

The reasons why you’re having an ultrasound will determine how long the results will take to analyze. Once received, we will then schedule a follow-up and discuss preventative care (if needed).

Skilled Team

One of the most trusted imaging processes that is not invasive. We have skilled and trained technicians and physicians that will assist you.

Quick & Easy Preparation

There is no such thing as a one preparation fits all, so we have guidelines for each ultrasound screening to better prepare you.

Everyone I’ve come in contact with was very professional and friendly! Kind of place I’d like to work!

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24-Hour Cardiac Event Monitoring made easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare for the test?

Cardiac Event Monitoring requires minimal preparation. Be sure to allow approximately 30 minutes to attach electrodes and set up the monitor. It is recommended that you wear a two-piece outfit to accommodate the wiring. You should not shower or swim while wearing the monitor.

When will results be available?

Your physician will analyze the results of your test after all the data is collected. This could take one to two weeks, depending on how long you are asked to wear the monitor.

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