The Secret to Living is Giving

February 28 • 2019


At Aylo Health, we believe in giving back to our community. Whether it be sponsoring a local soccer league, donating $10,000 of our mammogram proceeds, or hosting a toy drive for kids less fortunate – we believe in helping those in need.

In February, we got to be a part of and donate over $3,700 to a special cause for Locust Grove High School’s softball team for their State Champ rings. The team consists of 17 girls, 16 players, and 1 manager. They were 30 and 5 in the season, 14 and 0 in the region play, and 8 and 0 in State Tournament play. Talk about champions!


Hosting the 1st and 2nd rounds of state at Locust Grove High School, they defeated Veterans High School and then Starrs Mill High School. To touch on those series, they are the best 2 out of 3, and the Locust Grove High School softball team won each series, 2 and 0.

With the final 8 teams playing down in Columbus, Georgia, they defeated Buford High School, Thomas County Central, Bainbridge, and Loganville High School in the finals. The Locust Grove HS softball team outscored the opponents, 27 and 5 in the final 8. Defeat and conquer!

You think that’s impressive? Well, this was the very first team to go undefeated in all regions and all-state play, the first softball team to win 2 state titles in the county, and the only female sport to have back-to-back titles in the county overall sports.

The softball team ended the season, ranking number 2 Statewide and number 2 Nationally across all classifications. Aylo Health is proud to play a small part in donating for the Locust Grove High School’s softball team for their highly-deserved State Champ rings and celebrate in their victories.


Giving back to our community through non-profit organizations, charity or sponsorships allows us to contribute to the common good and lets us focus on the needs of others. Whether it be donating money or volunteering our time – we hope that giving back will impact the lives of those we help, along with our local community.

We believe that the secret to living is giving – that life is never fulfilled by what you get, but rather by what you give.