Recognizing Local High School Athletes for Achievements off the field a priority for Aylo Health’s Mission

February 26 • 2024


Recognizing athletic achievements is not an uncommon occurrence. From the Super Bowl to the World Cup, these pinnacles of athletic success are recognized the world over and the talented players that perform at these levels are celebrated for their performance. For young athletes who look up to these sports icons, working towards the physical victories such players have achieved is only part of their process. For student athletes, there are many facets to success that are accomplished on and off the field, but there are few ways to recognize and reward these young players for their achievements off the field.

Aylo Health’s “Do Amāzing Things” Award | Any adult can nominate a student athlete who is in grades 9-12. Even kids who participate in sports like marching band, martial arts, equestrian, etc. are considered for our awards. We want any student who participates in a sport to be recognized if they are doing amazing things within their communities. Nominate a student here:

“There are enough awards for ‘points scored'” Ryan Pederson commented, Vice President at Positive Athlete, “we believe in also recognizing young athletes outside of athletic success.” The Positive Athlete program seeks to identify and reward high school student athletes who have overcome difficult circumstances, given back to their schools or community, or otherwise showed outstanding positivity and perseverance.

A Positive Athlete community partner, Aylo Health may be best known for caring for their community’s physical health; however, the Georgia-based healthcare company has made other impactful community investments for years in south Atlanta. Together with Positive Athlete, Aylo Health created the “Do Amāzing Things” award, a college scholarship that is given to positive athletes in high school, who make it a priority to do amazing things in their schools and communities.

“This year we’re offering four $1,000 college scholarships” announced Tim Reichert, Vice President of Marketing at Aylo Health. “Two scholarships are for the South Atlanta region, which is made up of nominees from Henry, Clayton, Butts, and Rockdale Counties. The other two scholarships are for the Northwest Atlanta Region, which is made up of Cherokee and Cobb Counties.”

To be eligible for a scholarship, students need to be nominated by an adult. “Every coach and teacher should take 5 minutes and nominate a deserving student,” suggested Henry County Athletic Director Kelli Smith. Smith has worked with Aylo Health and Positive Athlete for several years and has seen the impact of the program firsthand. “The program is helping build our kids into the positive athlete model, it fosters discussions we might never have had without it.”

“We know only about 2% of high school athletes receive college level athletic scholarships” Pederson noted. Positive Athlete has given out over $350,000 in scholarship awards to students across Georgia who have demonstrated great character during their high school career; an accomplishment that Aylo Health, Positive Athlete, and the participating school systems all agree is worth celebrating.

To nominate a student for the Do Amāzing Things award and other Positive Athlete scholarships, please visit and submit the nomination before March 29, 2024.