Preparing for Back-to-School Health Success

August 1 • 2023

Three children are walking to school with arms wrapped around each other and backpacks on their back.

It’s that time of year when summer vacation starts slowing down and everything else starts speeding up.  If you’re a parent, you know that the school year is right around the corner. It can be overwhelming to prepare the whole family for this big new schedule change. Below we’ve got a few tips to help you and your family stay healthy while preparing for school.  

Start a Bedtime and Morning Routine  

One way to get you and your family ready for school is to start a bedtime and morning routine. Sleep health is so important, and this can help everyone in the house get the maximum amount of sleep they can to prepare for the long days ahead. This is also a way to help everyone make the adjustment from summertime hours to school hours. Not just for your children but for you too. 

Meal Plan  

This is a fantastic way to eat healthy even when your schedule is extremely packed full of work, school, sports, friends and more. It’s a fun and quick way to plan for school lunches. Instead of being tired at the end of the day and just eating whatever you can, you already have everything set up and ready to go. Either already cooked, or all the pieces of your meal prepared enough that cooking it won’t take you long. We know how hard eating healthy can be when you’re busy, but you’ll feel so much better if everyone, even you, are eating a well-balanced meal.  

Get Your Child a Well Child Exam

At Aylo Health we talk a lot about how important it is for you to get an annual physical. And it’s just as important for your children too. This is a great time to speak to your family doctor about what kind of vaccinations your child needs for the upcoming year. The CDC has a quiz you can take to find out what your child might need, so you can walk into the office and know exactly what to prepare for. And if your child is part of a sports program this is also a good time to ask for a sports physical.

If you are interested in getting a well child exam for your child at Aylo Health, check out our locations to find a practice near you.  

Prepare for the Germs 

It’s normal for your children to be sick several times a year! Especially during the school year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little preparation to help you and your family stay as healthy as possible. You can help prevent the spread of germs by teaching your child to wash their hands for 15-20 seconds under warm water with plenty of soap. Be sure to go over germ etiquette as well, like teaching your little ones to cough and sneeze into the crook of their arm, not their hands.  

Let Them Know it’s Ok to Feel Nervous  

Going back to school can make your child feel a variety of emotions. Some may be excited, and others nervous, some even both. Just reassure them that it’s okay to feel nervous. Supporting your little ones and telling them you’ve got their back can make a huge difference in how they handle their feelings about going to school.  

Thank you for reading over our tips and we hope you and your family have a fun and safe back-to-school adventure! Stay healthy out there.