Meet Our 1st Positive Athlete Nominee of 2020


It’s that time of year where we partner with Positive Athlete for the Aylo Health Values Award! And, we couldn’t be more excited about the first nominee and candidate for this year’s upcoming honor.

Ansley Standridge, a sophomore at Locust Grove High School and our first nominee of the year is not only a superstar on the softball field, but she’s also a leader to the student body of LGHS. Though she’s been highly successful in the world of sports, she still finds the time and motivation to maintain a stellar GPA – being at the top of her class. However, being a positive athlete is not just about scoring the most points or having the highest GPA, but rather having the heart to serve the community and making a difference through their moral character and mindset. It’s students who remain optimistic, encourage others when they’re down and are leaders to their peers. And, Ansley Standridge is a student-athlete who embodies all of these attributes.

This year, Ansley has had the privilege to lead the Adaptive Physical Education (APE) class with students who have moderate to severe disabilities. In this class, they focus on strengthening their skill sets in athletics for an hour each day, whether it’s basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, or several other sports. Many of the students have even gone on to have success in the Special Olympics and have placed 3rd in the county. In an interview with Star 94.1’s The Jenn & Friends Show, Ansley states, “They’re all so kind, positive, and infectious to be around. It’s incredible!” She then goes on to explain that it wasn’t even a thought when she was first asked to be a part of leading this group, but an immediate ‘yes’! We often forget how much of a positive impact we have on others, and Ansley is often reminded of this daily. She tells a story of how she saw one of the APE students in the hallway and their entire face lit up with excitement to see her. Ansley states, “I almost started crying! It’s just the best feeling ever…It’s moments like those when I realize it’s more than just that one hour, we have each day that impacts them.”

All of Ansley’s activities and achievements aside, she is a shining example of what the Family Values Award is all about, encouraging and putting others first. Ansley’s mother said, “Anyone around her knows that she gives 110% all the time, with everything she does. She’s somebody for other people to look up to.” Ansley further showcased this by saying, “I try to make sure others know that if something is going on, speak up and we’ll get it figured out.” She encourages other students to be positive and to see what kind of impact they can truly make in other’s lives.

To listen to the full interview with Star 94.1, click the link below.
Your Positive Athlete: Meet Ansley Standridge