Aylo Health’s Holiday Joy Drive — Adopt a Family program

December 5 • 2022

Holiday Joy Drive 2022

Christmas is supposed to be filled with joy and presents under the tree. Yet many families in the local community are struggling to keep the magic alive for their kids, let alone afford a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. 

This year, Aylo Health teamed up with Commissioner, Bruce Holmes, to bless local families of South Metro Atlanta for the holiday season. We initially set out to adopt 15 families, but that list quickly grew as we listened to these families’ stories on the adversities that they are facing. We’re fortunate enough to help keep their hope alive and spread joy to 19 families, including 54 children, by providing $25,000 worth of clothes and shoes – along with many toys and gifts on their wish list. We also gave each family a $500 gift card to their local grocery store to help provide essential items. By partnering together, they hope to keep the Christmas cheer alive and make sure underprivileged families and children have something to be excited about this season.




Over the last 8 years, with the help of their patients, Aylo has spread holiday joy through their Annual Holiday Toy Drive, under their former name Eagles Landing Health. They are excited to expand on that tradition as Aylo Health and continue to help local families in need through their Holiday Joy Drive – Adopt a Family program. 

Aylo Health Vice President, Tim Reichert, said in a statement to the Commissioner, “At Aylo, we are rooted in our community here in South Metro Atlanta and are committed to serving our people well. We believe there is more to staying healthy than just preventing illness, and with a simple act of kindness through giving back, we can create a moment of joy that could last a lifetime. 

Whether it was an individual, a group, or an organization — people in the community were encouraged to register a local family in need of holiday assistance. 19 families qualified based on their level of need and their gifts will be delivered before Christmas morning.

Commissioner Bruce Holmes said, “I was extremely happy to assist Aylo Health’s “Adopt a Family” initiative this year. They were able to bless so many families who have fallen on hard times due to unfortunate circumstances that were out of their control. Thanks to outstanding community partners like Aylo Health, families can provide their children with a wonderful Christmas and bring in 2023 with optimism for the future.”  

Commissioner Vivian Thomas adds, “It’s so amazing to have Aylo Health reach out to families in the community spreading loads of joy, inspiration, support, and love in a caring and personal way. Helping others is the best way to celebrate the holidays. I am honored to serve in this capacity of giving back.

Other elected officials who will participate in the Aylo Health’s Holiday Joy Drive — Adopt a Family program include DA Darius Pattillo, McDonough Mayor Sandra Vincent, Hampton Mayor Ann Tarply, Commissioner Vivian Thomas, and Commissioner Dee Clemmons.