7 Self-Care Tips to Feel Better When You’ve Got a Cold

January 31 • 2024

Parents and two kids are sitting on a bed all of them have a cold and look like they are sick.

Before we jump into the blog: if you’re sick, listen to your body, and book an appointment with your primary care doctor. They are there to help you feel better.

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The winter chill is here, and the cold front is moving in. This is usually when most of us start to feel a bit under the weather with coughing and seasonal sniffles. The combination of cold weather, indoor heating, and a drop in humidity can weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible to viruses.

However, with a few simple tips, you can navigate the winter season without catching the flu or getting the sniffles and coughs.  

Here are our favorite self-care tips to feel better.  

1. Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated and getting enough fluids every day is already an important part of staying healthy. But when you’ve got a cold or don’t feel good it’s an important step towards helping your body get better faster. You can drink water, tea, juice, warm lemon water with honey, or clear broth to help you stay hydrated.  

Drinking fluids can help you loosen all the mucus that’s causing you congestion in your chest and nasal passages. It’s also a great way to help regulate your body temperature, as water can help you cool off through perspiration.  

2. Get Rest and Sleep  

It’s important to slow down when you aren’t feeling well. Rest will help you recharge your body’s immune system. This means cuddling up on the couch and doing very relaxing activities to help you slow down.  

It also means getting a good night’s sleep. Seven to ten hours is the optimal length of time.  

3. Add Honey 

A spoonful of honey can be soothing. People often use it as a natural cough remedy as there have been studies that say it can reduce your nighttime coughing and improve sleep.  

Please remember to never give honey to a child younger than 12 months old.  

4. Get Your Flu Shot 

One way to lower your risk of getting the flu, and even reduce the severity of the flu if you do happen to catch it – is by getting your flu shot.

Aylo Health offers flu shots at all of our offices. If you’re already a patient, then you can walk in at any location for your flu shot. If you’ve never been to Aylo Health before you can schedule a physical exam with us to check out your symptoms, get your flu shot, and get your annual wellness check done all in one visit.  

5. Breathe In Humidity  

In Georgia, we experience quite a bit of humidity. But did you know that the warm air and moisture might help loosen your congestion?  

You can get this effect by sitting in a warm, steamy bathroom by closing the door and letting the shower run hot. Or you can run a humidifier in the room you’re resting in. Follow the instructions, make sure to use fresh water, and clean the machine regularly.  

6. Take Over-the-counter Medications  

As you may know, there have been recent studies stating that not all over-the-counter cold medications help you when you’re feeling sick. But taking pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help you fight off some of the symptoms of a cold, like lowering a fever, and soothing aches.  

7. See your Primary Care Physician  

If you’re running a high fever, have body aches, or have been feeling under the weather for longer than 3-5 days, then you need to book an appointment with your primary care physician. Going to the doctor and seeing what’s going on is important, don’t ignore your body and what it’s telling you.  

Schedule an appointment with Aylo Health to start feeling better faster. We’re here to help you stay healthy, so let’s conquer the winter chill together.  

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