6 Fun Ways to Boost Your Immune System

November 8 • 2023

Couple Dancing together

As the heat fades and the cold creeps in, it means Flu season has begun. Though It’s important to get your updated flu and COVID-19 vaccines this year, there are other actions you can take to help boost your immune system. 

We know it’s easy to forget how important it is to take care of ourselves, but there are many ways you can strengthen your immune system that only take a few minutes.   

Here are Aylo Health’s six tips to have fun while boosting your immune system:  

1. Laughing  

Did you know that negative thoughts can actually manifest into chemical reactions that affect your body by bringing more stress into your system? Which then decreases your immunity. 

By laughing, you can help your body fight off that stress response and release endorphins that can make you feel happier. Laughing can also decrease your heart rate and blood pressure which in turn will make you feel more relaxed.  

2. Singing 

That’s right, a 2004 study found evidence that singing can stimulate the body’s immune system. In the study, they found that those who sang showed higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody your body secretes to help you fight infections.  

Singing also has a lot of other benefits for your body. This article by Healthline has a lot of cool facts that dive into how singing can help our bodies.  

3. Watch a scary movie  

Watching a scary movie seems to be counterproductive to making your immune system stronger, but there was a study done in 2003 where scientists found that white blood cells were activated when watching the movie. White blood cells are part of our body’s defense mechanism and help protect you against illness and disease.  

4. Get some sleep  

It’s everyone’s favorite thing to do… sleep. Sleep helps our mind and body recharge, improve brain performance, and help the immune system relax. Most adults need between six and nine hours of sleep a night. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep, experience sleep disruptions, or feel sleep deprived, apples like Calm and Headspace are something you can consider looking into.  And if you’re worried about your sleep patterns you can also reach out to Aylo Health for Sleep Medicine services. 

5. Human touch  

Touching is a fundamental need in our lives. Not only can touch help you feel a sense of belonging, and reduce pain levels, but it can also lower cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is part of the trigger to your flight or fight response. Lowering this hormone can help you sleep better.  

Our suggestion is to hug a friend or go snuggle up with a loved one to start boosting your immune system and theirs. 

6. Do Something You Love   

We all know that stress can physically affect us – so do one thing a day that actively takes you out of stress mode. Do something that you enjoy and makes you happy. This could be playing a video game, going outside to garden, going on a walk, visiting your favorite coffee shop and picking up a treat. If it brings you joy, then it can support you and your immune system.

Who knew that having so much fun could also be good for your body? Take the time out of your day to do something that can help your immune system and keep you healthy.