6 Ways to Stay Cool for the Summer

Woman drinking water to stay cool while she's outside

It’s summertime and it’s beautiful outside. The sun is bright, the clouds are fluffy, the tree canopies have perfect shady spots to sit down and relax under, the flowers are blooming, and the air smells so nice. But then you remember, the heat. The day looks wonderful, but you know, as soon as you step outside, you’ll be sweating.  

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your summer days by following the five tips below.  

1. Stay Hydrated 

Of course, this is the most obvious way to stay cool for the summer. But it can’t be said enough. Water is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t overheat when it’s so hot and humid. One of the easiest ways to ensure you stay hydrated is to Carry around a water bottle. This way you always have access to water, especially if you’ll be outside for long periods of time.  

2. Dress for the Weather 

Wear loose, lightweight, and breathable fabrics when you go out. Fabrics to look for include cotton, linen and even nylon. These fabrics will help you stay cool throughout the day. 

We also suggest staying away from darker colored clothes. They will absorb heat (like when pavement gets searing hot at midday) so pick out some light and fun colors that won’t absorb the heat as much.  

3. Plan Indoor activities 

Air conditioning is one of your best friends when it’s too hot to go outside. It’s a great time to plan a visit to your local museum, go to the movie theater, or go to an indoor pool. And if you don’t want to leave the house: pick out some board games to play with your friends and family. Or pick up that book you haven’t gotten around to finishing. 

4. Embrace the shade 

If you are planning to go outside when extremely hot – stay in the shade! And if there aren’t many shady areas where you’re going, take an umbrella! Your umbrella is more than just a rainy-day accessory, but many people use it to protect themselves from the sun – try it out. You might find out that you like it. There are even UV protection umbrellas that you can get on amazon.  

5. Use Sunscreen 

Talking about UV protection, let’s dive into sunscreen. Technically, it’s not a way to stay cool, but it is cool to use it. Wearing sunscreen can reduce your risk of sunburn, prevent signs of aging and help reduce your risk of skin cancer. It’s an important part of staying cool and safe all year. Apply broad spectrum sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher before you go out for the ultimate protection.  

6. Don’t use your stove or oven 

It’s hot outside, so, who wants to eat hot food anyway? When you use appliances that produce heat, like your stove or oven, you’re going to cause your kitchen to warm up. On the hottest days it’s the perfect time to eat those fresh fruits and veggies that you got at the farmer’s market. A salad, or sandwich are perfect and quick options for both lunch and dinner.  

With all these tips in mind, we hope you can enjoy the beautiful weather outside and find some time to be with friends and family. Remember to put sunscreen on when you’re out in the sun. Be careful out there and stay healthy!